Here at Mama Bleu Designs we know how important a personalized gift and personal service is to you!

If you Google “personalization” you’ll find that it’s been a trend every year for who knows how long.

We get it!  And that’s why we have a passion for offering personalized gifts and home decor year round.

What’s been piquing my interest lately is the excitement over handwriting and calligraphy fonts. During a time when penmanship is no longer a priority in elementary school education I am excited to see people clamoring over handwriting workshops.

As a child I was taught that my neat handwriting was worth an excellent grade so I’m excited to be using it as part of my personalization style.

Hand painted illustrations + inspirational words or your name/initial stitched in my personal handwriting + your choice of fabric = an exclusively personalized item that you’ll only find here at Mama Bleu Designs.

My home studio is probably the smallest room in the house but that means everything is pretty much within reach of my work table. A built-in cabinet with a counter top work space provides a place for one of my sewing machines.

The other machine, which is set up for free-motion stitching, is stored inside a closet which has been turned into another work space hidden behind a set of doors.

This space may be small but it's where the fun happens.

You place your order and I make sure all of the details are taken care of. Most of all, I recognize that you are most likely making a purchase for someone who is celebrating a special life moment…..a wedding celebration, a best friend’s birthday, Mother’s Day, the last day of school, etc. 

I converse daily with brides who are looking for bridesmaid gifts or with expectant mamas who are looking for special baby shower hostess gifts.

I would be delighted to hear from you!

What is the behind-the-scenes story of your celebration? I know there are so many more really special memories that happen during the preparation of your event or the day you give your gift. Do you have some fantastic photos you'd like to share that highlight your Mama Bleu Designs' purchase?

Please share!! You can email your photos and stories to me at

With your permission we’d love to feature some of your celebration moments here on our blog or on Instagram!

We celebrate it all….the big things and the little things!

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