How to Create a Customer Email List for Your Etsy Shop

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How to Create a Customer Email List for Your Etsy Shop

There is so much confusion about creating a customer email list as an Etsy seller. We all know it’s a valuable tool for building your Etsy business but what is the legal way of collecting customer emails?

That is a great question! Let’s dive in so you can start building your list asap!


As an Etsy seller you have made an agreement to abide by the rules that Etsy sets forth in their handbook. Understanding the rules about collecting customer emails is not strictly an Etsy rule, it is a law that protects the privacy of you and me and our customers. 

This is an excerpt from the Etsy seller’s handbook about this issue….. 

“For example, you may receive a buyer’s email address or other information as a result of entering into a transaction with that buyer. This information may only be used for Etsy-related communications or for Etsy-facilitated transactions. You may not use this information for unsolicited commercial messages or unauthorized transactions. Without the buyer’s consent, and subject to other applicable Etsy policies and laws, you may not add any Etsy member to your email or physical mailing list, use that buyer’s identity for marketing, or obtain or retain any payment information.”

The key words here are without their consent


By putting yourself in your customer’s shoes this will make much more sense. 

Whenever you join an email list it’s been through a permission based opt in. Right? You clicked a button. You confirmed your address. You confirmed that you want to join the list. This is the legal way to be added to a customer email list.

On the flip side, if you were added to an email list without your consent and received a newsletter or other message from that person or company you probably wouldn’t be too happy. 

In addition, you may not want to do business with that person or company again. 

Adding a customer’s email address to your newsletter email list is illegal. This is the reason Etsy does not allow you to go back through your previous customer purchases and solicit them to join an email list.

The legal way to grow your customer email list is to start today with an opt-in message to your customers.

If the next words out of your mouth are “that is easier said than done”, I’ve got your back!!


Although I had created a customer opt-in link over 5 years ago, I’ve only gotten about 100 subscribers. I posted the link in all my correspondence  as part of my customer service and hoped for the best. I figured that a small list was better than nothing. 

Then I learned about AWeber!

If you go to your Etsy Shop Manager and click on Integrations, you will find that AWeber is an Etsy approved Email Marketing company who has permission to integrate your shop to their website. 

This means that you can set up an AWeber account, create an automated list building campaign and you are good to go! 

With the help of AWeber’s 24/7 customer solutions team, I set up a personalized list building campaign and integrated it with my Etsy shop in less than 15 minutes. Then within 2 days I had already added a handful of “permission based, double opt-in” customers to my list. 

Happy dance!!

I appreciate that I could set up my account for FREE and that no matter what time of day I decided to work on another email campaign, there is always a live person ready to assist me. 


The way to receive good feedback from your Etsy customers is to go above and beyond their expectations. 

One of the best ways to service your customers is through great communication. From the time they place their order to the day you ship their purchase, sending them informational, friendly messages can build a great customer relationship. 

Building a relationship with your customers, along with providing a great product, will do much more for your business than striving to get a single sale. 

Sending out newsletters to your customers from a list of emails that were acquired appropriately is another part of building a successful Etsy business. And building that list automatically is hands down a great way to save time that you can be using in other parts of your business

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